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Why should i buy from Dealer instead of Private Party

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One important thing to think about when buying a used car is that a dealer has a reputation at stake with each sale. Think about it: If a dealer sells a flawed car without disclosing its problems, the dealer risks creating an angry buyer who could damage the dealer's reputation. A private seller doesn't have the same concerns, since he or she isn't actively engaged in the car sales business. As a result, good dealers will likely go out of their way to solve problems that arise after the sale, while many sellers will likely avoid them. 

Buying a used vehicle from a private party seller requires meetings with strangers to test-drive the vehicle, have the vehicle inspected, and to complete the transaction for the vehicle. The majority of the time, this is not a concern. Nevertheless, it is wise to always arrange meetings in busy public places, rather than at the seller's home, at your home, or in a secluded area. 

Buy a used vehicle from a dealer, and the dealer takes care of all the paperwork associated with the transfer of ownership, can help arrange financing if necessary, and can even buy your old car as a trade-in. Buy a used vehicle from a private party seller, and those details are the buyer's responsibility. You will also need to sell your old vehicle yourself, making you the private party seller in this scenario.

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